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7 Steps For Your Third-Trimester Checklist

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As you approach the end of your pregnancy, we know a million thoughts are going through your head. There is so much to get done. Decisions to be made. Cribs to finish building. Everything feels like it is moving too quickly. To give you some peace of mind, we have developed a third-semester checklist to make sure you get to everything. 

What To Have On Your Third-Trimester Checklist 

Some of these items may seem more pressing than others. It is entirely up to you how you wish to approach your third trimester. At City of Oaks Midwifery, we are more than happy to supply any additional resources you may need. This third-trimester checklist is a great place to start!

1. Baby-proof Your Home

With the baby arriving soon, it is the perfect time to make sure your home is baby-proofed. It may take time, but having this done before the baby comes home will take that source of stress away. There are so many resources available to help baby-proof your home. 

2. Put Final Touches On The Baby’s Nursery

The nursery you’ve been planning will finally have a baby in it soon! This can be a fun activity on your third-trimester checklist. Making the space perfect for a new addition is exciting. The crib needs to be built, the different toys put on display, and you can finally start to envision sitting in the rocking chair. 

3. Create Your Personalized Birth Plan

We can offer you information about your pregnancy and childbirth through our services. There are many decisions to make regarding your birth plan, and we want to aid that process. Your pregnancy is unique, so we ensure that you get the best care specific to your case.

Factors To Consider In Your Third-Trimester Checklist’s Birth Plan

  • Your Ideal Surroundings During Labor 

  • Your Decisions on Pain Medication

  • Intended Feeding Plans and Baby Care

  • The Ideal Back-Up Plan

4. Go To Your Third-Trimester Doctor’s Visits 

At City of Oaks Midwifery, the third trimester begins with biweekly routine prenatal visits. The same exams (blood pressure readings, weight, abdominal exam, and fetal heart tones) will be done as in past trimesters’ visits. Once you reach 28 weeks, we will complete your third-trimester blood test, including a one-hour glucose tolerance test screening for gestational diabetes. At 36 weeks until you deliver, you will have weekly appointments.   

5. Learn About Coping With Labor Pains

It is hard to prepare for labor pains without prior knowledge of what to expect. Dr. Robin Elise Weiss proposes the idea of thinking about how you have coped with pain in the past. It helps the mind realize what coping resources are available. Fear can cause pain to increase. The more fearful you are, the tenser you become. Being aware of your environment could make all the difference.

The lighting, sounds and people present could all impact your experience. Decide what setting will make you the most comfortable during labor. While it may seem early, this is a perfect addition to a third-trimester checklist. 

6. Make Sure All Baby Products Are Assembled 

Don’t wait until the due date to install your baby’s car seat. If all of your baby products are assembled, they will only be waiting for the baby itself. The list of baby products may merit their own third-trimester checklist. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides specific recommendations regarding cribs and infant products. This resource supplies information regarding putting your baby to sleep most safely. It also includes recalls available on baby sleeping products in stores. 

7. Pack Your Hospital Bag

Once you are approaching your due date, it is essential to decide what you need to bring to the hospital and have it ready. It is the final task on a third-trimester checklist. With this complete, you will have to grab one main source before going to the location of your baby’s birth. This will give you peace of mind that you remembered everything before the chaos of the actual day is upon you. 

Using this third-trimester checklist, you will be able to feel confident in your preparation significantly before the due date comes. There may be a lot to do, but you have plenty of time to make it happen. Need advice on the perfect birth plan? Visit our website  or call us at (919) 823-5394. 


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