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6 Ways to Manage Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatica pain is a common occurrence in pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic describes it as pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve path. This branches from the lower back to the hips and down each leg. It often only affects only one side of the body. 

Managing Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Finding ways to manage sciatica pain can make your experience even better. At City of Oaks Midwifery, we are here to guide you through this time and provide ways to alleviate pregnancy pains. 

Stretching & Yoga

Stretching and yoga can be great ways to prevent sciatica pain. There are different styles and types to suit your individual needs. Once you find positions that suit your body, you can use that as a constant method of relieving the pain whenever necessary. 

Here, Origin provides a list of 17 stretches for immediate sciatica pain relief during pregnancy. Bring a few of these into your day to find natural pain relief. They are focused on alleviating the pain in areas affected by sciatica pain. 

Hot Showers 

A hot shower can be a quick relief from the pain. It is an easy method that does not require any new primary task. One step away from the chaos of the day could be all you need to relax and rid yourself of the sciatica pain.

Similarly to stretching, the hot shower allows your muscles to relax. This takes the pressure off of the sciatica pain. It also provides you with the chance to have a moment for yourself. 

Medicine For Pain Relief  

Taking pain medication can also be a faster way to find the relief you need. It does not require a physical approach and is still safe to do during pregnancy. 

Tylenol is an excellent alternative to other pain-relieving methods that can make you feel better faster. This would be a great method to pair with others to find multiple new ways to relieve sciatica pain. If you are looking for other forms of medicine to provide pain relief, consult a medical professional to ensure the choice is safe for your pregnancy. 

Consider Physical Therapy  

Physical therapy is another option for seeking sciatica pain relief. Here, a medical professional can provide expert advice and methods. You can schedule the appointment and not stress figuring out exercises for yourself. 

They will also provide you with information that is unique to your situation. Each pregnancy and the pain associated with it require specialized care. This takes the pressure off of you physically and emotionally. 

Get A Massage  

A massage can give you a chance to find a moment of peace from more than just sciatic pain. This is a great way to release tension throughout your body. 

Find a proficient provider to provide massages to pregnant women to ensure you receive the best care. When they have worked with similar situations, they know the correct ways to work with you.   

Pregnancy Girdles 

Often women swear by a pregnancy girdle. This is a device used by pregnant women to alleviate some of the pressure put on their bodies by the growing baby. The back, pelvic, hip, and abdomen are supported, along with the sciatic pain.

This can even give you pain relief from more than just sciatica pain. There are many different types and brands to choose from to ensure you get the perfect fit for your body. 


Managing sciatica pain can present itself in a variety of ways. Once you find your ideal method, you can worry less about it presenting itself again. Do you have trouble with sciatica pain? Learn about how our midwives can help here or give us a call at (919) 646-6252.

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