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Group Prenatal Care

At City of Oaks Midwifery, we believe in providing women the tools and resources they need to be active participants in the management of their health. This philosophy includes offering various options that allow our patients to choose the best care based on their individual needs and preferences.

That is why in addition to prenatal midwifery care, we offer our own group prenatal care program called “Circle of Life and Learning.” You can circle up with other expectant mothers, nursing staff, and the Midwives of City of Oaks Midwifery for group prenatal care.

What to Expect During Circle of Life & Learning Group Care

Circle of Life & Learning group prenatal visits include your midwife and mom group members, with each group having an average of 10 women that have due dates around the same time. Groups will begin with 2nd and 3rd-trimester offerings.

At each meeting, you will consult with your midwife individually for a one-on-one assessment. To promote active engagement in your care, you will measure your own weight and blood pressure, and then record your health data.

After the health assessments are complete, the midwife and support staff “circle-up” with moms and their support people and lead discussions and interactive activities about a variety of health topics including nutrition, common discomforts, stress management, labor and delivery, breastfeeding and infant care.

Benefits of Prenatal Group Care

In addition to an increase in positive birth outcomes, group prenatal care offers the following benefits:

  • Moms who choose prenatal group care spend 10 times more time with their provider than women in traditional care resulting in increased patient satisfaction.
  • Group prenatal care often results in greater self-care because moms are more actively engaged in their own healthcare through the management of their own health information.
  • Research indicates that moms who participate in group prenatal care have healthier babies.
  • Group prenatal care nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm birth.
  • Moms who participate in group prenatal care are better prepared for labor, delivery and caring for their infant.
  • Practices that offer this type of care have reported fewer after-hours calls and emergency visits because expectant mothers are more knowledgeable about what is normal during pregnancy and what is cause for concern.
  • Women in the same group often create lasting friendships and are able to support one another as they go through similar experiences.

If you are interested in prenatal group care with our Circle of Life and Learning, call (919) 351-8253 to schedule an appointment.

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