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How to Celebrate the Holidays with a Newborn

If you welcomed a new child into your family this year, 2022 has already been a year full of changes for you. The first holiday with your baby is a joyful family milestone that you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. There is lots of excitement around bringing your new child into holiday traditions, but celebrating the holidays with a newborn can also come with challenges. To make the most of this holiday season, learn our tips and tricks for celebrating with your new baby.

Celebrating the Holidays with a Newborn

At City of Oaks Midwifery, our certified-nurse midwives continue to offer support and guidance through newborn care and for women postpartum. It’s important not to neglect your own health while caring for your new child. Use the following steps to keep you and your newborn happy and healthy this holiday season. 

1. Get Ready to Document

The holidays are arguably one of the most important “firsts” to experience with your newborn. As parents, you’ll want everything to go smoothly to have a fond memory to look back on. However, in doing so, be sure not to get so wrapped up in the holiday that you forget to take pictures or record videos. Have a loved one ready with a camera to capture the moments you can’t. That way, you will have physical memories to hold on to while still witnessing firsthand the joy on your child’s face. 

2. Accept the Imperfect

Life with a newborn comes with many curveballs, no matter how much you plan or prepare. It’s best to enter the holiday season with the mindset of accepting the imperfect. Their new holiday outfit may get stained before the family photo, or they may have a crying spree in the middle of dinner. Also, don’t get down on yourself if your typical holiday hosting abilities are diminished due to your new parental duties. Celebrating the holidays with a newborn is a special time to enjoy with family, no matter what occurs. Be sure not to hold yourself to too high of standards, and expect the unexpected. 

3. Maintain Routine Where You Can

It can be challenging to stick to routine during the holidays, with or without a newborn. More often than not, people tend to fall off of their usual schedules this time of year. However, maintaining your regular routine where you can will make a huge difference in keeping you and your baby happy. 

If you are breastfeeding, be sure to work your holiday plans around your schedule as much as possible. Make sure you have a comfortable, secure place to go and breastfeed if you are not celebrating at your home. You can also breast pump beforehand to be extra prepared. 

4. Don’t Go Overboard 

The holidays are synonymous with crazy party planning and festivities. However, having a newborn gives you the excuse to keep things simple where you can. Replace that excitement and energy around holiday planning with the joy of celebrating for the first time with your child. If you typically travel, switch it up this year by having your loved ones come to you. If possible, ask to be the host without actually hosting; allow a family member to host within your home. Don’t feel guilty if you need to ask for extra helping hands. Your extended family will be understanding towards your adjustment to parenthood.

5. Get Some Rest

A mistake many parents make is keeping their baby up all day in hopes that it will make bedtime easier. However, an overly tired baby often has more trouble sleeping at night than those who sleep during the day. Your baby will send cues for what they need and how they are feeling. Known as “sleepy cues,” watch for when they look bored, stare off, or yawn. Noticing these will make it easier for you in the long run. 

Make sure you get some rest this holiday season as well. The holidays are supposed to be relaxing, so don’t spend the whole day in parent mode. When the baby is napping, grab a cocktail or kick your feet up. Also, your loved ones ought to be fighting for time with your new, beautiful baby. Give them the gift of holding or rocking them to sleep while you relax elsewhere. 

Talk to a Midwife

Our best piece of advice is to enjoy the time with your family. Celebrating the holidays with a newborn is an exciting, joyful time. This is the first time you’ll bring your child into old family traditions. Take this year to soak up those memories and possibly start new traditions. For further advice on celebrating with a newborn, contact our certified-nurse midwives at (919)-351-8253.

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