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Best Pregnancy Apps for 2022

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These days, there is an app for everything. Whether it is for entertainment or as a source of information, apps can help us do many things. Your pregnancy can be one of those things. It may seem unlikely that an app could contribute to the success of your pregnancy. However, pregnancy apps are a new way to find resources and support.

Pregnancy Apps For You 

There are a variety of pregnancy apps out there to discover. At City of Oaks Midwifery, we always search for new resources for you through your pregnancy. These are some of our favorites for you to explore during your pregnancy this year.

BabyCenter – Pregnancy Tracker 

This app is perfect for everything you need to track your pregnancy. There is a countdown to your due date that goes week by week and even day by day. It allows you to physically see the time pass while reading about what symptoms you may experience. There are even 3-D fetal development videos to see how your baby is changing over time. It is a collection of resources you may need throughout pregnancy. 

Through the app you can take pictures of your growing belly to remember every stage. There is even a list of more than 16,000 baby names to scroll through. After the baby is born, there is newborn and baby care information available in the app as well. 

Sources of Information In-App: 

  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

  • Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine 

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

  • National Institutes of Health


Preglife is an app developed by Swedish midwives, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. The app has a multitude of features laid out to help you through your pregnancy. The app also provides the ability to meet the experts of the app and find out more about their professional backgrounds. 

Features On The App 

  • Pregnancy calendar 

  • Checklist, weight curve & diary 

  • Guides, podcasts & videos 

  • Baby’s development 

Full Term – Contraction Timer

Pregnancy apps can do more than track your pregnancy calendar! This app is the most convenient way to keep track of labor contractions. The app works by tapping a single button to track the start and end of your contractions. 

The full labor history and contraction progress will be saved regardless of whether you restart the application during a contraction or restart the entire device. This gives you peace of mind and allows for you to send the contraction history to a health professional if needed. With a variety of timer features, you do not have to worry about timing while you are going through contractions. 


Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is another great one in the pregnancy apps that guide you through your personal journey. The app specializes in giving you an experience as unique as this time in your life. There is a customizable tracker to follow your way of life from your exercise schedule to your diet. You can even learn the best vitamins to take at different stages of pregnancy. 

Most Loved Features Of The App 

  • My Baby Names: Everything you need to know about a name. From nicknames to the origin, you can search or discover the perfect name. 

  • In The Womb: See illustrations of your baby in every stage of the pregnancy.

  • Baby Size Comparisons: Compare your baby’s size with different themes. There are fruits, vegetables, and even animals to name a few. 

  • Baby Hand & Foot Size: See the size of your baby’s hands and feet throughout the pregnancy.    

Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness

Focusing on your wellness is important throughout the pregnancy. Pregnancy apps often have so much going on that it can be complicated to find one perfect for your personal wellness. Baby2Body coaches you on fitness, nutrition, and emotional wellbeing. The programs stem from fertility, pregnancy, and up to three years postpartum. 

Features Straight From The App Itself: 

  • “Daily Bites” — insightful tips from your coach, relevant reads, and quick activities to help you build healthier habits, plus updates on baby’s development every single day. 

  • Activity tracking for exercise, weight, water intake 

  • Personal photo and text journal to record milestones and memories, stored in your Timeline

  • Cycle tracking and fertile window predictions in the Trying to Conceive program 

  • Safe workouts and exercise plans that change with your stage and are tailored to help you reach your goals 

  • Dietary guidance, meal plans, and simple recipes to meet your nutritional needs 

  • Wellness coaching to help you manage the most common stressors in fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood 


Pregnancy apps could be your new best friend through your journey. Check out these five apps to see if they can be a valuable resource to your life. Have a question about something you learn in one of the pregnancy apps we have included? Contact us through our website or call us at (919) 646-6252. 


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