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8 Common First Trimester Symptoms

Aside from missing your period, there are many first trimester symptoms to look out for. The beginning of your pregnancy marks a beautiful, exciting time in your life. However, it also comes with many new changes in your body. The first trimester is defined as the first three months of your pregnancy – it begins on the first day of your last period and ends 13 weeks later. Knowing what to expect during these early months can alleviate any nerves you may be experiencing. Here are eight common symptoms you may experience during the first trimester of pregnancy.

First Trimester Symptoms:

1. Morning Sickness

Nausea, more commonly referred to as “morning sickness”, is one of the more well-known first trimester symptoms. The term “morning sickness” was coined because pregnancy nausea is usually worse when you wake up; however, morning sickness can occur any time of the day. According to WebMD, up to 85% of pregnant women experience nausea. To help combat or relieve any nausea, stay hydrated and eat slowly or in smaller portions more frequently.

2. Sore or Tender Breasts

Having sore or tender breasts can also be an indication of one’s pregnancy; it’s one of the earliest symptoms women experience. As the hormones in your body change, your breasts may become more sensitive. This sensitivity will likely remain throughout the entire first trimester. As your baby continues to grow, your breast size may also increase in the second or third trimesters.

3. Weight Gain

Usually, hearing weight gain as a possible symptom carries a negative connotation but not when it comes to pregnancy. Throughout the entire pregnancy, the mother will inevitably gain weight. However, be mindful of what a healthy weight gain looks like for your body. During the first trimester, it is not uncommon to see only a slight change on the scale. Women gain an average of about one to four pounds in the first trimester. In fact, you only need to consume about an extra 150 calories per day in these first few months. Consult with your midwife if you experience a more severe weight gain initially.

4. Bleeding

Light bleeding or spotting in the first trimester is nothing to be alarmed over. About 25% of women stated that they experienced these symptoms early in their pregnancy. However, if the bleeding becomes more common and severe, it can definitely be cause for concern. Please contact your midwife or health provider if there is excess bleeding, cramping, or any pain involved.

5. Food Cravings

In the first trimester, you’ll find pregnancy cravings to be very real. Don’t be alarmed if you’re suddenly attracted to foods or odors you usually don’t gravitate towards. As your body goes through many changes, your hormones will change and adapt accordingly.

6. Increased Urination

With a baby growing inside your uterus, it’s only natural to find yourself needing to use the restroom more often. Although the fetus is still tiny, it adds pressure to your bladder, causing you to urinate more. The amount of blood in your body also increases when pregnant; therefore, your kidneys process extra fluid that ends up in your bladder. In addition, as you drink more fluids, whether it’s to stay hydrated or fight morning sickness, your bladder will respond accordingly.

7. Fatigue

It’s essential to stay well-rested throughout your entire pregnancy. Creating a new life inside you can be exhausting, putting your body through some tough days. If you’re feeling fatigued or more tired than usual, it’s a natural response to everything your body and hormones are enduring. Fatigue is one of the inevitable first trimester symptoms, so be sure to listen to your body! Take naps and rest when you need to.

8. Emotional Stress

As you can see, many physical symptoms are associated with the first trimester, but pregnancy can also affect you mentally. Finding out you’re pregnant can have equal levels of excitement along with emotional stress. Especially as a first-time mother, this time comes with many questions and concerns about what’s ahead for you and your child. You may even experience some mood swings as your hormones can heavily affect your emotions. At City of Oaks Midwifery, we’re here to support you medically and emotionally.

Overall, the first trimester is such a special time to soak up the excitement of your pregnancy. As your body starts to change, you’ll likely experience at least one of the symptoms mentioned. If you have any further questions about what to expect during your first trimester, contact any of our midwives at (919) 351-8253.

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