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11 Items To Put On Your Baby Registry

While you’re handling the challenges of a new pregnancy, it is also important to bask in the joy it brings. That joy is often shared with friends and family who want to support them in any way. One easy way to let people help is by creating a baby registry. RegistryFinder defines a baby registry as a helpful and straightforward way to provide family, friends, or even baby shower guests with gift suggestions.  

The Must-Haves For Your Baby Registry 

An important thing to remember about a baby registry is that it is not required. It provides people a choice of items that you find will be the most helpful with a new baby. That means you get to decide what items are essential for your newborn. At City of Oaks Midwifery, we have collected a list of 12 items we feel should be included on any baby registry. 

An Infant Car Seat 

Once you deliver your baby, you need a way for them to travel in the car safely. For this reason, an infant car seat is a great option to add to a baby registry. The important thing is to research the car seat you feel will be the most effective and safe and list that specific option on the registry. 

Baby Carrier

Before your newborn can walk, you are responsible for carrying them anywhere you go. A baby carrier is a resource for those moments. Find your favorite option and make it another choice for your baby registry.


Another great travel resource is a stroller. You can take your newborn on a walk wherever you need to go with less worry. There are many options for strollers, so you can find the best choice for your situation and add that one to the baby registry. 


Diapers are always a good idea. Whether you are looking for a sustainable option or a disposable one, these are an easy addition to your registry. Once friends and family see which option you prefer, they can contribute to the collection you will be needing. 

Baby Wipes

Like diapers, baby wipes are something you will probably be using frequently on your newborn. These are another easy addition to a baby registry that will make your life easier for the amount of time you must spend changing diapers and wiping down your baby.  


Your baby will probably go through multiple pacifiers. You will start with a supply by adding these to your baby registry. You will not have to worry about buying more until those run out.  

Nightlight & Sound Machine 

A baby’s sleep schedule is unpredictable. Finding ways to aid their sleep and comfort can make your lives easier. A nightlight allows you to enter the room safely without turning on a light that disturbs the baby’s sleep. Furthermore, a sound machine can provide the baby with calming sounds that make it easier to fall and remain asleep. It can also drown out sounds outside the room, whether your day-to-day activities or noises out of the home. 

Baby Bathtub

Bathing a newborn baby can seem challenging. A baby bathtub allows you to clean them in the best-sized setting for the child. This is an excellent option for a baby registry as it will enable friends and family to help make a difficult task more manageable. 


Whether your baby is breastfeeding or taking formula, bottles are great to have on hand. This is an easy option for a baby registry as multiple people can give these, and you’ll be able to find a use for all of them.

Diaper Bag 

You will most likely have to change their diapers wherever you take your baby. There are many items to keep track of for changing the diapers. A diaper bag holds everything in one place and is easy to access. Receiving one of these through the baby registry allows you to find out for yourself if it is helpful.


Reading to your baby is a great way to expose them to language and words. The cost of books can add up, but they are a great option to put on a baby registry. Anyone who chooses this option can even provide their favorite books for children. 

Creating a baby registry is a great way to get everyone excited about your new baby. This way, they can feel helpful while also providing you with the resources that you need from the beginning. Are you looking for more ways to get excited about your pregnancy? Changes in emotions are completely normal during this time. City of Oaks Midwifery is here to help when you need it. Check out the website or give us a call at (919) 646-2665.

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